A deep dive into the web-audio API – Frontend Dev Conf
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Sam Bellen
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Sam Bellen

A deep dive into the web-audio API


Flow: «Geek»

This talk will take you through all aspects of the web-audio API. From composing audio to creating audio effects and applying them to a live audio source. We will start by creating a simple synthesizer to create some sounds. Once we know how to create sounds we combine them to create a composition. Last we will use the web-audio API to create some audio effects and applying them to the sound of an electric guitar, live on stage.

Sam Bellen

Company: «madewithlove», Belgium

I'm a front-end developer at madewithlove, a small app development company based in Belgium, but with employees all over the world.

For my day to day job I'm in charge of creating challenging user interfaces and make applications nice to work with.
After office hours I like to play around with the web-audio API, and other "exotic" browser APIs. One of my side projects is a library to add audio effects to an audio input using JavaScript.

When I'm not behind a computer, you can find me playing the guitar, having a beer at a concert, or trying to snap the next perfect picture.