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About a rule “Winner gets everything” in the software development
Rusakovich Viktor
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Rusakovich Viktor

Can you choose a right framework? Yes, you can!


Flow: «Blitz»

Five years ago I’ve joined the team to work on some project. The project is still alive. We were choosing frameworks a lot during this time. For applications in our project we were choosing very different frameworks: from jQuery to React, from Backbone to Angular.
How do we choose the framework for our next app? What is the best framework? How to choose a framework and do not regret about your choice in one year? A short story about frameworks elections in one long project.

Rusakovich Viktor

Company: «Generation_P Consulting», Belarus
Developing web-applications for more than 8 years. Participated in the development of popular flight- and hotel search engines. At the moment I’m a part of the team that develops mobile and desktop applications for the biggest Baltic shipping company. Lived through several JS frameworks. In the spare time, I like cycling, futsal, badminton and relaxing in fabulous scenes of the Minsk sea.