Code of Conduct – Frontend Dev Conf

Code of Conduct

Frontend Dev Conf

is the international technical conference. We want to be sure that each participant feels comfortable and secure, that’s why we have developed codes of conduct which will help to create a favorable atmosphere for knowledge exchange.
These rules apply to all conference participants, speakers, partners, info partners, sponsors, organizers, volunteers, and everybody. If you notice a violation or noncompliance with the rules described below, please inform the organizers.

Abridged version

Leave intolerance and violence, everyone who enter here!

Full version

  • Racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, lookism, ethnonationalism are unacceptable on Frontend Dev Conf in any forms and manifestations.
  • Appearance, age, nationality, political or religious affiliation, attitudes and beliefs, profession or place of employment are not subject to criticism and jokes.
  • Please do not disturb private space of others, behave gently and do not use physical, psychological or any other kind of violence.
  • The use of sexually explicit materials and profanity, interruption of speakers, interference with the team of organizers and volunteers is strictly prohibited.

In case of the rules violation during the conference the organizers keep the right to take any action considered necessary from a warning the violator to removal him\her from the conference.
If you notice any of the prohibited actions please inform the organizers. We thank everyone for understanding and compliance with the rules of the conference.