Embedded virtual tour – Frontend Dev Conf
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Igor Erostenko
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Igor Erostenko

Embedded virtual tour


Flow: «Geek»

Is it too hard to create and embed virtual tour into your web page? I will talk how to do it in 5 minutes, which will be available for launch in vr mode, eg. google cardboard. Also, we will figure it out how it works, go deep into THEE.js javascript library and WebGL technology.

Igor Erostenko

Company: «EPAM», Belarus
Lead programmer for more than 10 years of experience. Began his career in the game development, became an expert in browser and mobile games. Changed his vision to make himself usefull for humanity, began to bring improvements in our lives. He is focused on visual business applications and serious games.
Nowadays works in the EPAM R&D department, responsible for virtual, augmented and mixed reality development.