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Anton Kirshanov
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Anton Kirshanov

Quantum of change. Reactive reactions on React.


Flow: «Front»

Modern interactive web applications requires strong attention to continuously changes in dynamic data. RxJS is a library, built on Observable/Observer pattern, express a sequence of changes in application state as an external data-flow, and provides wide range of options for create, filter, combine data streams in much convenient manner. To demonstrate the benefits of this approach, the report will look at some examples using the React library, they will help you understand the basic principles of binding data-streams and presentation, and also see the flexibility, compactness and practical value offered by the RxJS library method.

Anton Kirshanov

Company: «Biocad», Russia
I got acquainted with programming while studying at the University of N.I. Lobachevsky in Nizhny Novgorod. In 2002, on the second course I dropped out and start a career in the Internet agency R52, where I worked for about 2 years as a fullstack developer. In the summer of 2004, I've interviewed in Yandex Moscow office and was hired as an XSLT developer in commercial services. In 2007, I relocated with my family to St. Petersburg and continued to work as a senior interface developer in the St. Petersburg branch of Yandex, engaged mainly in search and near-search projects. In the autumn of 2015, I left Yandex for the position of the lead interface developer in the Department of Computational Biology at Biocad where I still work in the field of special bioinformatic software.