Reason: Marginals vs hype – Frontend Dev Conf
Professional Software Development: All you need to know
Illya Klymov
Presence: Mindful by Design
Illya Klymov

Reason: Marginals vs hype


Flow: «Geek»

ClojureScript, Elm, PureScript, CoffeeScript, Dart, Kotlink. We can forever expand this list of languages, being transpiled to Javascript. In my talk, I will focus on Reason - one more attempt in this field from Facebook. Or is it? I will focus not on "how cool Reason is", but instead on real value for JavaScript developer, why and who may I need this approach.

Illya Klymov

Company: «WookieeLabs», Ukraine
Over 15 years of JS related experience on the variety of platforms. Worked for Nokia, Microsoft, UNICEF and UN. 5 years of leading my own company, focused on JavaScript-only technologies. 10 years learning JavaScript from basic course to the latest hype train things. Still believe that JavaScript is here for a long run.