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Vladimir Dashukevich
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Unit testing for lazy developer


Flow: «Front»

There is a huge amount of code filled with bugs and uncovered by tests in the world, they make suffer not only businesses and corporations, but also ordinary people. The task of my talk is to stop the spreading of bugs and reduce their number in the world.
Since every day each of you writes a huge amount of code that has to be covered with tests, so you don't spend the rest of your life on catching bugs and sending patches straight to production. But writing tests takes an insane amount of time, which leads to angry customers. In my talk, I will tell you how you can reduce amount of spent time on it and increase the number of tested cases and code coverage. We will get to know about property based testing, usage of jsverify library and others for property based testing, also we'll try to generate code automatically for our tests based on the written code.

Vladimir Dashukevich

Company: «XBSoftware», Belarus
Front-end developer with 7 years of experience in various areas of web programming at XBSoftware. Started like everyone with PHP and making layout with tables. I am an experimenter and a passionate admirer of coffee, graph theory, typed programming languages and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.