The Compiler & You — Pleasant PureScript — Frontend Dev Conf
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Christoph Hegemann
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Christoph Hegemann

The Compiler & You — Pleasant PureScript

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Поток: «Geek»

When we think about functional languages and their type systems, we often think about the safety and maintainability they provide. That's a pretty boring topic for a talk though, so I'd rather show you how a modern compiler like PureScript can empower you to create.

Using PureScript's rich type system to design our programs, we can use the compiler and it's IDE integration to drive our implementation. I'll show you how PureScript enables confident refactorings and how we can use the type system to document and guide users of our libraries.

Pair programming with your powerful ally, the compiler!

Christoph Hegemann

Компания: «SlamData», Germany

25 years old, from Cologne in Germany

Christoph is a core contributor to the PureScript programming language and develops its IDE integration as well as maintaining the PureScript Emacs plugin. During his day-job he gets to work on the worlds biggest commercial PureScript codebase at SlamData. In his free time he enjoys cooking and messing around with his cat Nemo.