Workshop: Build your own JavaScript powered Robot — Frontend Dev Conf

Workshop: Build your own JavaScript powered Robot

Описание воркшопа:

Want to be a Maker? Build and program your own robots with JavaScript and open source hardware?

Developers, this is your chance to dive into the World of Hardware! JavaScript is already the most used Language on the Web that it makes sense to use it for Robotics as well! Ever more powerful and cheap Microprocessors (Arduino, Intel Edison,Raspberry Pi) combined with Javascript Frameworks for Robotics (cylon/johnny-five) enable to easily build even complex robots.

In this 3h practical Workshop for Robotics Beginners we start by assembling the 2 wheeled Robot Kits (Wifi-enabled, and with custom Lasercut and 3D printed parts), decorate them to your taste and then program them with JavaScript! We end with a Sumo-style Battle or Capture the Flag Session!


  • Building the Sumobot
  • Installation and Configuration of the Robot Brain (Microcontroller plus Motor Driver)
  • Programming your Robot using JavaScript and the johnny-five framework
  • After the workshop, you can take the Robot home with you :)
  • Prerequisites: Just bring your own notebook (Linux, Mac or Windows)

Target group: Anyone interested in Robotics, Ages 14 and up.

Markus Leutwyler

Компания: «Nodebots Switzerland», Switzerland
Markus is a technical consultant during day time and a maker in his spare time. As a co-founder and regular at FabLab Winterthur, he works on Robotics, IoT and Low-Power Networking. His various interests range from Photography, Multipotentialism to co-working, 360 Degree Video and Music.